Salli Casters

Caster Image Description
65mm Soft Soft standard caster for hard floors.

6 colors to match chair

Purchased separately from chair $25.00

65mm Hard Hard standard caster for soft floors, wall to wall carpet.

Black only

75mm Soft Big soft casters for uneven floors and thick carpets.

Black only

50mm Soft Soft caster which locks when unloaded.

Rolls when a person is seated, locks when no one is sitting.

Black only

65mm Soft Soft, manually locking caster.

For tilted surfaces

Black only

65mm Soft Anti-static – designed to disperse static

Black only

75mm Soft Solid rubber industrial – inline, for uneven floors.

Gray only

75mm Soft Solid rubber inline, for uneven floors.

Light gray only. Uses ball-bearings.

Glide/”Paw” For static work and for chairs with Foot Support Ring.
65mm Soft Antimicrobial Designed for use in care homes, hospitals and other environments where surface protection from microbes is important, Guy-Raymond’s antimicrobial casters incorporate BiCote® silver ion technology:

  • inhibits the growth of microbes such as odor causing and staining bacteria, molds and fungi, disrupting the normal cell function of microbes and stopping them from reproducing;
  • starts to have an effect after just 15 minutes;
  • reduces the level of microbes on the treated surface by up to 99% in two hours;
  • will not wear off or wash away, because the antimicrobial additive is incorporated into the caster tire and pedal at the time of manufacture.