Learn Buteyko

Payment plans available for special circumstances. Reduced family rates.

Small Group Sessions

Carol Baglia, RBBT, RRT teaches you to normalize your breathing in small group sessions which meet weekly. Please contact Carol with specific questions or to schedule an individual consultation. $500 per person. Family rates available.

Your Town

Carol will travel and bring the workshop to you when 5-10 other participants in your area are interested. Check the calendar for classes currently scheduled or contact Carol to set up a class in your location. $750 per person. Family rates available.

Your Home

Carol will come to your home to teach the breathing and lifestyle lessons and work with you 24/7 or in weekly/daily sessions for a negotiated fee and time. Practicing Buteyko restores normal breathing and balance to your body. Contact her to discuss schedule and price.

Speaking to your group

Carol is a speaker at local clubs, organizations, and meetings. She discusses the importance of proper breathing and what happens when the breathing is dysfunctional. It is invaluable information that can have immediate impact on improving health. Limited dates available so call early to schedule at 216-952-7048.


Initial evaluation and consultation session $100. Subsequent 4 hourly sessions $400 paid in advance.

Educator Training

To become qualified to teach the Buteyko Method, call Carol at 216-952-7048 for more information on how to learn to teach Buteyko – Level I and Level II training is available.