About Us

Correct Breathing Concepts is operated by Carol Baglia, a Registered Respiratory Therapist and Registered Buteyko Educator and Trainer.  Through Correct Breathing Concepts, Carol teaches individuals proper breathing techniques with the Buteyko breathing program.  Successfully tested in several clinical trials, the Buteyko breathing program is offered in small group, weekly workshops. The course consists of five sessions of about two hours each.  Breath retraining is taught that enables people to breathe correctly when sleeping, exercising, speaking, eating and performing all daily activities. Noticeable improvement happens within the first couple of days.

The Buteyko breathing program works! If you aren’t satisfied within 30 days, you’ll receive a 100% refund. The only thing you have to lose is your respiratory illness!

In 2007 the Mayo Clinic listed The Buteyko Breathing Technique among the most promising alternative therapies for asthma. In 2008 one of the major medical insurance companies in Ireland,VIVAS Health offered Buteyko workshops coverage as a members’ benefit. In 2008, The British Thoracic Society in their Guideline on the Management of Asthma upgraded Buteyko Breathing technique to category B, meaning that there are high quality clinical trials supporting the effectiveness of the method in reducing asthma symptoms and bronchodilator use. In April of 2009 Coventry University in the UK offered a course to train nurses how to teach the Buteyko Breathing Method to patients with asthma.

Read Buteyko article in The New York Times November 3, 2009. Page D7

“I am 70 years of age, and have had serious problems with snoring, interrupted sleep, and sleep apnea, for which I had been tested and given a CPAP machine. I attended and completed a five-day workshop for learning the elements of properly breathing through one’s nose, and continued with the exercises on a daily basis.  Now, after two months, my condition improved so much that I have eliminated the need for the CPAP machine, as I no longer have sleep apnea.  Further, I am able to sleep through the night, without snoring.  I strongly recommend Carol Baglia’s program without reservation, as I am completely satisfied with the results I achieved.”  – Sheldon Z

“The two biggest differences in my health that I have seen is all my gastrointestinal problems are gone (acid reflux, spastic colon, IBS) and I have not had a bad dream in weeks.”  – Mary B.

“It” works!  Syd stuck with your program religiously and realized great results….wish we had learned of Buteyko sooner.  She was somewhat hampered by a cold for a couple weeks in the middle of the season but otherwise had a great senior year and has continued the program…never did experience the ‘tight-chested’ feeling that hampered her all of last season.  She set a PR in the 800M, which is not very common for girls during their senior year in high school and she nearly matched her 1600M time that she ran her freshman year.  She is all set to continue her running career at the University of Dayton with a very positive outlook thanks to “Buteyko” and you!  Thank you very much”  – Jeff H

“As an athlete and trainer/healer, I will use the Buteyko not only for myself but also for my clients/patients.  Correct breathing techniques should be taught in all schools.”  – Dmitri B

“I always longed for a way out of my asthma state and I am very grateful for the Buteyko Method.  I feel I have been offered a small miracle.  Carol was very easy to understand and her commitment to us and the program inspires me to be positive about my future health.”  – Bette K

“I have very little nasal drip any more.  My sinuses and nose were usually stuffy and now are clear. My dry throat stays moist through the night and I no longer keep water by the bed to drink. Advair and Albuterol were eliminated. I seldom use nasal sprays any more.  Allegra is not needed on a daily basis.  Breathing is easier. I have more energy and I do more activities such as golf. I go out of the house more often. I do not wake up in the night any more due to breathing problems.  Carol Baglia has provided answers and coaching free of charge after the class by attendance at other classes, email and telephone.  My thanks to Carol Baglia for an improved life.”   – Louis W.

“The benefits to learning the Buteyko Method are subtle at first, but sleeping through the night without waking or taking a trip to the bathroom has been worth the price of admission. Carol told us our sense of smell would probably increase because of circulation benefits, and it has, but so has my eyesight as well. (I normally wear drug-store cheaters to read, and don’t always need them now.) It’s amazing how integral this can be to simple wellness.”  – Glen B.

“I feel so much better.  More than 100% better because of Buteyko!  I am not “breathless” when I walk up stairs.  Previous to the class, I would run to a phone at work and people thought I was dying!!!  They would say, “Are you okay?”  I do not have hunger desperation!  I would panic when I got hungry.  I don’t anymore.  I am eating less and feeling better.  I sleep like a baby.  I am much, much calmer.  I don’t feel old anymore.”  – Judy Z

“An unexpected benefit is that my trichotillomania is nearly gone after just a few days.  I’ve had it for over 30 years.  Follow through has always been difficult for me, but the results I have already seen are true motivation to continue as I am confident that my health will improve as long as I follow the Buteyko techniques.  Thank you.”  – Stacy