Salli Accessories

Accessory Image Description
Allround arm support Ideal support for precision work in which the working positions change and versatile support is needed for the upper body.

Allround is excellent for dentists, dental surgeons or dental assistants. It can also be used as a stretching support by moving it to the backside of the chair. Support can be changed from left-handed to right-handed and vice versa by attaching the adjustment mechanism to the other end of the support. Allround is attached to the gas cylinder of the chair, so it can be used with all Salli chair models.

  • Seats SwingFit, Swing, MultiAdjuster, Twin, Classic
  • Support arch length approx. 61 cm, width approx. 8.5 cm
  • Support upholstered with leather, artificial leather, or fabric, see color chart
  • Warranty 2 years

Please note! With the Allround support, the chair cannot be adjusted as low as it could be without the support.

Stretching support Enables you to stretch your back on saddle chair.

Allows back stretching while seated. In the right sitting posture, however, the back does not touch the support.

  • Seats MultiAdjuster, Twin and Classic
  • Leather, artificial leather, ESD fabric/artificial leather, black polyurethane, see color chart
  • Warranty 2 years

Elbow Rest For precision work and tasks that require elbow support or where you need to work very close to the target.

Elbow Rest is ideal for dental care, industry (installation, welding), to be used as a rehabilitation aid (back, pelvis and leg injuries), in control rooms and at home, for those who need for support while doing handiwork.

  • Seats MultiAdjuster, Twin, Chin, and Classic
  • Curve length approx. 63 cm (24.8 inches), width approx. 7 cm (2.8 inches)
  • Leather, artificial leather, ESD fabric/artificial leather, black polyurethane, see color chart
  • Warranty 2 years

Elbow Table

With Elbow Table you can work wherever you want!

Well-suited for working with laptops or wireless keyboards. Compact and versatile workstation for offices or home use. Other examples of use: schools that need movable workstations (e.g. for lectures or training events), rehabilitation aid, workstation for people with balance difficulties (e.g. the elderly or children), control rooms.

  • Two-part Twin seat, without inclination
  • Leather or artificial leather, see color chart
  • Hand controlled height adjustment with gas spring
  • Table top white, size 75 x 62 x 1.6 cm
  • Extra large base Ø 700 mm
  • Elbow pads, black polyurethane
  • Warranty 10 years for the chair, 2 years for the table


Reduces the strain on hands and upper body in tasks that require great precision.

Recommended for, e.g., dentists and doctors. Also suitable for rehabilitation after shoulder injuries. The rack is metallic, the supports are always black.

  • Seat MultiAdjuster, Twin or Classic
  • Back support available in the color chart colours
  • Warranty 2 years


With the help of Foot accessory you can work ergonomically – at the clinic and on the road!

  • Can be attached to all chair models
  • Upholstery black artificial leather
  • Weight 5.5 kg
  • Height of the accessory with Salli Light chair with short gas spring: 25-35 inches
  • Height of the accessory with Salli Light chair with medium gas spring: 27.4–34 inches
  • Warranty 2 years

Salli Foot Therapy is a portable foot therapist chair. The accessory can be removed for transportation. It’s easy to take along and adjust it to the right working height. Patient’s foot can be moved slightly, and you can also move around the patient’s foot while sitting on the chair.

  • Salli Light seat, maximum load 100 kg
  • Short black gas spring and plastic base as a standard, other options available
  • Weight, chair + accessory 11.4 kg
  • Warranty 5 years for chair, 2 years for the accessory. The standard warranty from the date of purchase of the Salli product, for any structural defect or a fault in materials or assembly, which arise during regular and normal indoor use. The warranty for the chair covers the seat, gas spring, base and castors.

Foot Support

Gives support in high workstations.

Ideal for customer service desks or for cashiers. Only recommended for temporary use.

Foot Height Control (aka Top and Bottom)

Allows the sitting height to be controlled without touching the lever by hand.

Recommended to be used in hygienic environments, such as dental clinics and operating theatres.

Note! The combination of Salli Base and foot height control needs 75 mm castors (inline or industrial castors).


Recommended to be used with tables with straight edges, or with tables that have a very wide recess.

The recess in the support gives good support for arms and shoulders. ErgoElbo diminishes neck and shoulder tensions and the pressure on the disks in the neck and back, and optimizes your posture in the upper back. Black or white artificial leather, black artificial ESD leather. Width 26.3″, depth 8.9″.

Ergonipsu Support for elbows, wrists and hands, and mouse pad in one.

The pad makes it comfortable to support the elbows, forearms, wrists and hands on the table. If you are left handed, make sure to inform about that in your order.


Support for elbows and forearms.

The pads make it comfortable to support the elbows and forearms on the table. To be used with a central mouse that has a wrist support. If you have a standard mouse on the right or left side of the keyboard, we recommend ErgoNipsu. Black polyurethane.

Seat Cover

An easy way to change the colour of the seat! The seat cover also protects the seat in dirty environments.

Materials leather, artificial leather, artificial ESD leather, ESD fabric, cotton, and spark-protected pile fabric. See color chart.